Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Rolo Contest for ArtTraderMag

I finished my fall rolo's just under the deadline. Due to the magazine by the 10th I'd say I was cutting it close.
A Whitchy Night is a collage I made with a copy of a lady from one of my old cabinet cards. It has a background of book text.....a blood~curdling story text fits right in....who likes witches anyway?! Black ink transparency with white ink pen doodles and skellie and trimmed out with black and orange crepe paper.
The Friendship Offering is just a lil' mouse I drew with pen and Prism color pencils. It has my siggy round wheel at the top that I have put on most of my rolos. The back is crepe paper and my addy from one of my cut~ up business cards and a mother of pearl button.
The atc Pumpkin's Inner Child is pen and color pencils and will accompany a post card I made for's collage challenge wk 3 and swapped with Sir Pumpkin Stuart.

Just days ago I finished up a themed swap I hosted at ATC'S, Art Doll #002. It was another huge success, I think. I made 32 (one for me too!) atc art dolls for all the players. Each has a different face but the atc bases are all pretty much the same give or take a few with different beads for the legs. I used spray paint on the plastic coated playing stuck good and I was happy with the three different color paints I used. Yes, they were time consuming with poking lil' holes for the beaded legs to go through and dipping each head photo in the melting pot of Ultra Thick Embossing (UTE) after gluing them to stiff cardboard and cutting them out, but I think it was worth the extra time to make hostess gifts for everyone....I had received so many RAK art dolls that I just felt the need to give back. I guess they don't call me Extreme Darlene for nothing!