Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goddess Positive Body Affirmations

For my Suzi Blu Goddess Class we were to write all the negative things we feel about our own body and then turn them around and create POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. I had the best time with this project and tend to go a bit beyond....but I love the process of making a 3~d forms even more then drawing and painting. When I draw and then paint it takes me back to feeling like I'm coloring in a coloring book....just too easy~peesy...but to build something is way more challenging and exciting to me. I used lots of bits and pieces that I have accumulated over the years. It's fun to dig it out and find lil' treasures and often I see things I want to pass on to other Goddess art I'm doing this I must have sent some powerful teleapathic waves 'cause Verlene gives me a phone call as I'm thinking of that not freakin' KEWL!!?
I bought old bed springs from Ebay a few years ago and have only one left to play with....unless I feel the need to get more, ROFL!! I love a bargain and get the out dated wall paper catalogs from my local stores....that's what I used for the wings....painted with StewartGill Galactca glitter paints....awesome stuff!
I took apart an old vinny pair of sun glasses for the fav!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Venus of Willendorf

She is made with air drying clay (Crayola brand). I'm very happy with the results....this was an exciting project for the Suzi Blu Goddess Class. This is a keeper!

Venus Goddes of Willendorf

She is made of air dry clay (Crayola brand). She will get a few coats of acrylic paints when she is dried. When I hold this in the palm of my hand it feels spiritual....I LOVE this class.....and I get to keep my art for a change.

Goddess of the SOUL Psyche (and Eros) Stupid Cupid

PSYCHE, Goddess of the soul. She exemplifies a woman's search for authentic personal growth, like the symbol of the butterfly emerging into the light from it's dark cocoon.
12x12 mixed media. feathers, German Glass Glitter, a siver Cupid pin that represents Eros....stupid cupid! This is an awesome story.

Be, Divine Healing Art Journal

Be Divine Healing Art Journal for SuziBlu's Goddess Class

This is my smaller healing art journal....where I put my home work. I made pockets to hold the PDF and tabs to take me right to the page I want. I like how it's getting chunkie and expanding all around the sides. Soon I hope to get some drawings and more art in there....but for now I'm still working on my larger 12x12 pages for the other Art Journal.

Front Cover Be. Divine December 1, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My Suzie Blu Goddess Class is all about making large mixed media collages of the selected Goddess'. Here is two...Demeter, who is just like me. I used a picture of Sally Fields because I've always adored her and the movies and television shows she has stared in....I have been told often by different peolple that I look like her too...what a wonderful compliment.
Of course to me Marilan Monroe exemplifies a sex goddess to gorgious she was...she is my idol and will be Aphrodite.
These are bouth 12"x12" and will fit nicely in a big scapbook. There glitter and feathers and lots of wonderful there a law against have so much fun making art? I'd be guilty for sure if there where. I have not finished these yet....that's the beauty of collage....more can always be added.