Sunday, January 3, 2010


Lilly Bunny

Yesterday was the family Christmas party....yup....feels strange to have it so late after thee big day....but it was one of the best. We played the Dirty Santa Gift exchange game....what a blast! AND YES, I did steal someone else gift so I could get what I was an kewl leather bound address book....and I needed it....ROFL!
This year I made portrats hand drawn and colored with Prisma Pencils....they were well received and that made me very happy. I found some really nice large wooden frames with glass and monted 'em all except for Lilliy's, which I made mixed media on wood, 12x24". The other three are 8.5x11"....a good size too.

The party was at Sissy Jo's house and all my siblings with their spouse and children were there except for brother Jim. But, his son Jesse and GF Emily had stayed a few days with me and Dickie, I'm happy that I got to see them.
The food was made by everyone and the spinach appetizers and bacon wrapped mini dogs that I made were all eaten up....that in it's self speaks for them! We had ham and turkey and all the trimmings. The cookies were awesome and to die for....yum! So much food was left over that I had a break from cooking again leftovers....LOL!
Well, anyway....we were asking the fab hostess' when the next party....come summer we'll be there and ready to go swimming and pig out on lots of homemade goodies....I for one look forward to it.