Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Altered Cd/DVD Swap (click here to see my YouTube on CD's)

I'm a YouTuber....and it's been too much fun! I'm in the Marion Smith Prima Flower Lady's 31 one day, 31 vids, 31 goals Challenge.....I've completed 26 videos thus far.

My next endeavor is to host an Altered CD/DVD Swap. Here is the info if you're interested just post here or on my YouTube channel.
It's fun and easy....have the art in my hands by the due date and you will be in the swap. Open theme, what ever your heart desires. There is some eye candy and inspiration on my Youtube if you'd like to take a peek.

I will host an Altered CD/Dvd swap. posted Feb 25, 2011 due April 29th
*Let me know if you want to play with posting a messing on my YouTube page and how many you want to swap.
1 for 1 or 2 for 2 (no more)
*Sign real name and screen name and date each CD and put each in a plastic baggie.
*Send an Address label or Address sticker
*Send well concealed same amount in money that it cost you to mail to me.
*Foreign out of U.S.A I will pay your return postage if you include an extra decorated CD.
*Send CD/DVD in a padded envelope because I will recycle it for your returns.
*Hostess gifts are sweet but never expected.
This is going to be fun!
I will swap CD according to effort for effort.
Please send in what you are proud of and would want in return.
I will message you when I receive your envie.

DUE DATE (IN MY HANDS BY, or it will be returned to you at your expense)
APRIL 29th (that's 3 months to get 'er done)
Mail early if you are not in the USA.

email me @ for my address when ready to mail your art.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time Flies by...

Yes, we all know how the times gets away from us....I'm so sorry I don't make a better effort to keep this blog up to date. Not that I have much to say or even much in pictures of art lately. I am staying busy with my 31 day challenge for Marion Smith Prima Flower gal on YouTube...and I have made some accomplishments. Take a peek when you get time...I'm ArteDar over there too.
Peace and Love, Dar

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1, / 31 GOALS, 31 DAYS, 31 CHALLENGES

(click on the title above, Day 1 to view my YouTube)

I am challenging myself to have fun with this 31 day, 31 goals, and 31 youtube vids.
I have lots of W.I.P. that I hope to get completed. I'd also like to share some techniques along the way. What I truly love about this Marion Smith's (Prima Flowers)
challenge is that lots of other artists are gathering and I can subscribe and follow them to continue to be inspired creatively and in life in general.
I hope you can come and post an encouraging word or two to help me get all 31 days completed. Thanks so much! Have a HAPPY, HEALTHY, WEALTHY NEW YEAR IN 2011.
Peace and Love and ART ON!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

31 days, 31 videos, 31 goals Challenge

Come take the will be good for YOU!
I WON....second runner up!  HAPPY DANCE!!
It was a LOT of work and time. 31 vidios, for 31 days with 31 goals.
I created everyday something artistic and shared tons of art I have received from other artists.
Check out the vids on YouTube   ArteDar