Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Suzi Blu art by ArteDar

Hand drawn....This is Goddess Psyche as a butterfly. I will also put this one on birch wood to wood burn....she is a favorite of mine.
This is birch wood that has been painted with acrylic paints and also wood burned. I added tissue paper flowers and texture magic dimensional paint (flowers and vines on left side), it is 12x8" and ready for the bees wax sealer.

This is on of my most favorite paintings....I adore her cheeks...again this is Goddess Psyche as a butterfly on 8x11" watercolor paper....yet to do is more added elements to make it a true mixed media and bees wax to seal.

I guess you can see that this has been a butterfly moment in time for me....I just love 'em, but will move on to something new and exciting eventually.

I call this one My Fair Lady Bug....on water color paper and a work in progress.....more to do to get it as a mixed media piece of art.