Saturday, November 8, 2008

My SuziBluClass

I am so enjoying this class with an AWESOME very talented and inspiring young Missy named SUZI BLU.....what a treasurer and gem. So down to earth and approachable.....we ALL LOVE her to death!
Now that I'm feeling much better these days and have my blood pressure under control and the meds are not knocking the wind out of me I'm getting deeper into the class and process of mixed media. I also have to learn what program to download that is combatable with that web I can copy and save the vidios of the class.....I sure would hate not to be able to save them......there is so much knowledge in each one.
Well, now to the fun and exciting part of this blog. We all were put to the challenge of making an oracle card or tarot or your own card. I had made two that were sooooo serious and melodramatic....I just couldn't stick with them to the end....well some day I'll get back to 'em....but for now I'm sooooo happy that I went ahead and lighten up and went for the whimsy and made a Bumble Bee I call Buzy. She has some art tools in her six lil' hands and has to remember to "stop and take time to smell the roses"! Suzi put her on the top of the photo page as a featured picture....I was stunned and I'm on cloud really made my day. ...and has also valadated to me that I do have a bit of talent....well, hell yeah! I so love to draw, paint and create. I'm really learning how to add the layers for a mixed media that is getting so popular. Now I can't wait to start my next pieace.....whimsy it is......I'm not going to try and get so imotionaly deep and anilize my every art work......this was fun and enlighting for me.