Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goddess Positive Body Affirmations

For my Suzi Blu Goddess Class we were to write all the negative things we feel about our own body and then turn them around and create POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. I had the best time with this project and tend to go a bit beyond....but I love the process of making a 3~d forms even more then drawing and painting. When I draw and then paint it takes me back to feeling like I'm coloring in a coloring book....just too easy~peesy...but to build something is way more challenging and exciting to me. I used lots of bits and pieces that I have accumulated over the years. It's fun to dig it out and find lil' treasures and often I see things I want to pass on to other Goddess art I'm doing this I must have sent some powerful teleapathic waves 'cause Verlene gives me a phone call as I'm thinking of that not freakin' KEWL!!?
I bought old bed springs from Ebay a few years ago and have only one left to play with....unless I feel the need to get more, ROFL!! I love a bargain and get the out dated wall paper catalogs from my local stores....that's what I used for the wings....painted with StewartGill Galactca glitter paints....awesome stuff!
I took apart an old vinny pair of sun glasses for the fav!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Venus of Willendorf

She is made with air drying clay (Crayola brand). I'm very happy with the results....this was an exciting project for the Suzi Blu Goddess Class. This is a keeper!

Venus Goddes of Willendorf

She is made of air dry clay (Crayola brand). She will get a few coats of acrylic paints when she is dried. When I hold this in the palm of my hand it feels spiritual....I LOVE this class.....and I get to keep my art for a change.

Goddess of the SOUL Psyche (and Eros) Stupid Cupid

PSYCHE, Goddess of the soul. She exemplifies a woman's search for authentic personal growth, like the symbol of the butterfly emerging into the light from it's dark cocoon.
12x12 mixed media. feathers, German Glass Glitter, a siver Cupid pin that represents Eros....stupid cupid! This is an awesome story.

Be, Divine Healing Art Journal

Be Divine Healing Art Journal for SuziBlu's Goddess Class

This is my smaller healing art journal....where I put my home work. I made pockets to hold the PDF and tabs to take me right to the page I want. I like how it's getting chunkie and expanding all around the sides. Soon I hope to get some drawings and more art in there....but for now I'm still working on my larger 12x12 pages for the other Art Journal.

Front Cover Be. Divine December 1, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My Suzie Blu Goddess Class is all about making large mixed media collages of the selected Goddess'. Here is two...Demeter, who is just like me. I used a picture of Sally Fields because I've always adored her and the movies and television shows she has stared in....I have been told often by different peolple that I look like her too...what a wonderful compliment.
Of course to me Marilan Monroe exemplifies a sex goddess to gorgious she was...she is my idol and will be Aphrodite.
These are bouth 12"x12" and will fit nicely in a big scapbook. There glitter and feathers and lots of wonderful there a law against have so much fun making art? I'd be guilty for sure if there where. I have not finished these yet....that's the beauty of collage....more can always be added.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My SuziBluClass

I am so enjoying this class with an AWESOME very talented and inspiring young Missy named SUZI BLU.....what a treasurer and gem. So down to earth and approachable.....we ALL LOVE her to death!
Now that I'm feeling much better these days and have my blood pressure under control and the meds are not knocking the wind out of me I'm getting deeper into the class and process of mixed media. I also have to learn what program to download that is combatable with that web I can copy and save the vidios of the class.....I sure would hate not to be able to save them......there is so much knowledge in each one.
Well, now to the fun and exciting part of this blog. We all were put to the challenge of making an oracle card or tarot or your own card. I had made two that were sooooo serious and melodramatic....I just couldn't stick with them to the end....well some day I'll get back to 'em....but for now I'm sooooo happy that I went ahead and lighten up and went for the whimsy and made a Bumble Bee I call Buzy. She has some art tools in her six lil' hands and has to remember to "stop and take time to smell the roses"! Suzi put her on the top of the photo page as a featured picture....I was stunned and I'm on cloud really made my day. ...and has also valadated to me that I do have a bit of talent....well, hell yeah! I so love to draw, paint and create. I'm really learning how to add the layers for a mixed media that is getting so popular. Now I can't wait to start my next pieace.....whimsy it is......I'm not going to try and get so imotionaly deep and anilize my every art work......this was fun and enlighting for me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Grammy and Gage

This is my son Cary at age 35 and his first child Gage Elliot born May 2nd 2008. I was honored to be at their side and watch this child come into the world....what a miracle to witness. Three months later hubby and I were present and sponsors as Gage Elliot was Baptized. I have an hour and thirty minutes to travel to visit my children so I always pack a bag and stay the weekend and they have come home here to stay with us a few times too. I just had a visit and can't get over how fast the baby is growing.....he's actually crawling across the room....just so adorable and a pleasant happy baby. I took pictures with the diggy and he would laugh after the light flash....we had so much fun and I just kept clicking away just to hear him laugh and laugh. It worked again later after he finished eating that same evening but not the next day. Guess it just wasn't as funny....we will have to find something else that tickles his fancy. I can't explain just how fulfilling it is to see my son with his son......I feel as though my life has come full circle and couldn't ask for anything more other then to watch Gage grow up into a handsome happy young man with children of his own.....which would then make me a GREAT Grandmother.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Rolo Contest for ArtTraderMag

I finished my fall rolo's just under the deadline. Due to the magazine by the 10th I'd say I was cutting it close.
A Whitchy Night is a collage I made with a copy of a lady from one of my old cabinet cards. It has a background of book text.....a blood~curdling story text fits right in....who likes witches anyway?! Black ink transparency with white ink pen doodles and skellie and trimmed out with black and orange crepe paper.
The Friendship Offering is just a lil' mouse I drew with pen and Prism color pencils. It has my siggy round wheel at the top that I have put on most of my rolos. The back is crepe paper and my addy from one of my cut~ up business cards and a mother of pearl button.
The atc Pumpkin's Inner Child is pen and color pencils and will accompany a post card I made for's collage challenge wk 3 and swapped with Sir Pumpkin Stuart.

Just days ago I finished up a themed swap I hosted at ATC'S, Art Doll #002. It was another huge success, I think. I made 32 (one for me too!) atc art dolls for all the players. Each has a different face but the atc bases are all pretty much the same give or take a few with different beads for the legs. I used spray paint on the plastic coated playing stuck good and I was happy with the three different color paints I used. Yes, they were time consuming with poking lil' holes for the beaded legs to go through and dipping each head photo in the melting pot of Ultra Thick Embossing (UTE) after gluing them to stiff cardboard and cutting them out, but I think it was worth the extra time to make hostess gifts for everyone....I had received so many RAK art dolls that I just felt the need to give back. I guess they don't call me Extreme Darlene for nothing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Card Challenge

My friends at and I are taking the challenge thanks to Cathy Parmelee. Every Sunday for eight weeks we will receive an email with her selected random clip art images for us to play with. We have to use at least half of the images on our 4x6 inch post card. Then we can post 'em and see if there are any "bids/takers" to swap with. No shyness allowed!
Thank goodness we are allowed to alter the images and use some of our own stuff. I had a great time putting this PC together and even used this theme and made more.
This one is called Spelling Bee. One of the others I made is a spelling bee girl in a rose garden with some of the lyrics of the song...pardon me, I never promised you a rose garden....I used my own photo of our roses here in Cape May.
This is gonna be a fun eight weeks without a doubt!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grandson Gage's Baptism

Today husband Deogracias and I stood up as our grandson's sponsors for his baptismal. He was born May 2nd 2008 and was just a few days shy of three months old. What a good baby he is too....not a single whimper or noise out of him the whole time. His half brother Simon, 5 years old was also baptized today. They both looked so handsome in their white suits. Pastor Elliott was awesome....he made it a day to remember. We thank the holy trinity for our many blessings and will do our very best to support the kids in any way we can.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Altered Spoons

I'm in a swap at this is what I created.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ArteDar's Birthday June 23rd

Aww....another year older! The time goes by much too fast. I had a wonderful day. Phone calls from family and friends wishing me a happy day.....a beautiful card from my adorable husband...a nice marble cake with whipped cream frosting...dinner at a seafood restaurant...a lil' shopping spree for arty stuff.......who could ask for more! I saw some really nice postings at my fav website ATC's especially liked the diddy Jean wrote for me and how my buddy SusieT slipped and gave up the fact that I'm not really 39 years old.....well, always 39 summers old and now 56 winters old.....winters are always harder ya know.

My son and his family will be coming to stay this coming weekend.....I'm so excited! My tiny me!!! Oooooooh, what fun we all will have.

4th of July family party is coming up soon and I can be with ALL the sisters, brother, nephew, nieces and the great nieces and nephews and also a few close friends thrown in there to round it out. Lots of good homemade food and a pool party....I'm looking forward to that day too.

Here's a picture of me at the Uries Resturant eating Dungonus crabs (all you can eat).....I thought I would be able to put away a ton of 'em....but I got full fast. There is a lot more meat in them then the Maryland Blue crab that I'm used to eating. It was yummy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memoral Day 2008

I stayed very busy this holiday weekend. We had outings to the grave, went to a craft fair, did some cooking (of course) and spent time with my hubby. He is a retired vet now (20 yrs. Coast Guard) and was just 8 yrs. old during WWII when the Japanese bombed Manila in the Phil opines and killed his parents and left him homeless for quit some time. He ended up at the convent with the sisters and working in the kitchens for the Japanese....he took leftovers to the nuns and they always had him taste it first to make sure it wasn't poison. When the dust settled and the USA came in things changed for the better and an old friend of his father (prison captain) adopted Dickie. He had food, shelter and many chores but did not have affection given to him....anyway, you wouldn't know it because he is the kindest and most giving person I know.

I was inspired by an artist, Suzi Blu and began cutting wood into 5x5 (app) pieces to draw and wood burn on. I painted 'em with acrylics, spray varnish and antiquing gel (and sprayed again).
So far this is what I have done....and they are gifts for our MODS at ATC'

Have a safe and blessed Holiday.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rolo's and Sleep Over

I had a fantastic time at ShoreArtShelly's April 3rd thru 7th Rolo Sleep Over. I learned new art medium techniques and applied it to these rolos. My own hand carved rubber stamp.....thanks to Shelly.....Gel transfers thanks to Bluellen and the ArteDar rubber stamp she made for me....Alcohol inks on transparencies thanks to Roc...yummy fibers thanks to SusieTex...and I have a rolo almost finished for Moggy and will post when done.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

JackiR's Quilt Topper

Jackie's theme is blue and yellow. I'm hopping she likes this....I just love the moon!

Art Doll for M A N U Z

Here's your arty doll Sas.....I hope you like her. The body is a chandelier crystal with wire arms and clay face and hair that I painted.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hump Day

Here it is the middle of the week. I'm on the rolo train again....getting some made lil' by lil'.
My hubby made me dinner last night. I am sooooo proud of him! Pork chow main......yummy! And he HATES to now I know how much he really loves me.

This Saturday is my DIL Baby shower. Family will gather and have a great time.

Dickie's at the car dealer's again! 4x's to get the same thing we have a lemon? Hope not. We love this luxury SUV.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Quilt Day

I made some quilt tops for my swap due in a few weeks. I'm very happy with them. I really love the whimsical fav colors.
I had a nice long nap and now I'll go make rolo's.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


We went to visit my son and wife. I so love to see and spend time with my kids as often as I can. It was a great day. Took my circular saw and we cut the bottoms off of three doors so the would close, now that new carpet had been installed. Denise is expecting Cary's first baby in April. We pray that they stay healthy and safe. I really love the name they have picked out. Some how when I said it for the first time in front of them it just didn't come out right. I felt so dumb and so bad....I wish I had it to do again and said it right. Gage....I said "cage"....sheesh!
I have a deadline coming up fast for quilt top swap. I have 4 finished and 4 to go. April I have more, but I'll think of them later. So many things to do and not enough time. I hear this said by many....and I so agree.
I'm getting itchy fingers to start on my next project swap. It's going to be a magic pyramid. I make my own base and one of 4 sides. Three sides are sent to the hostess and then mailed around...we put 'em together....and voli!!! Something so kewl and I'm so looking forward to it.
Gonna go rest.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tue. Feb 26

I finally got the quilt tops going and have two finished for a swap with artist friend Dana. Her theme is Tress with swirls in the colors blue, purple and green. I hope she likes what I made. I may add some seed beads to it if she would like.

Weather is still freezing cold.....I hate it! Keeps me indoors....which is ok with me because I get more art created. I do so love the spring and summer best of all the seasons. Gardening is a fav as well as going to the beaches for long walks.

I must comment on how proud I am of myself. I'm trying to loose some added weight and what ever it is I'm doing is working. I make lots of fruit smoothies, my girlfriend DeeDee got me started on and I feel much better. My jeans are all baggy and I can slip 'em off without unzipping....KEWL!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Feb 24, 2008 ATC's

Tonight is the Academy Awards…..I so love to see a really GOOD movie…..I have a few that I would like to see now. The women all dressed up…..SHeeSH….one of my fav things to do myself! Putting on a gown and make up just seems to make me feel like a queen and so feminine. What gal can ever forget her first prom and the gown she wore and how it made her feel?

Last night I drew a few ATC’s for a swap. I had made the art dolls out of clay, wire and beads and they were there right in front of me. I thought they made a good subject and was happy the way they turned out. I do believe I used every different kind of pencil, pen and chalks on them too.

I have a big phat list of to do’s….better go and get something made.

ART I truely love making and receiving art. Lucky for me I can play all day and night because I'm retired.

Just recently my second home....a web site....had to close. I was so sad....thought I'd loose my friends and the opportunity to swap art with them again. Fortunately for most of us there were a few women that held us all together at a temp. site until they had a new site up and running. OH MY GAWD!!! The place is awesome and they all did a stupendous job.....I'm in awe of those that are computer savvy. I've come a long way but still consider myself just a lil' baby at it.

Well, now that there's a new home I was able to make art once again. My passion is dolls and most recently it's making Art Dolls. The pics are some that I just made....most of them will have new homes soon since I'm in a swap.

How kewl to have this space to post pics and blog to share with family and friends.
I opened an account with Yahoo for small business....sorry I wasted my money on it.....this is so much nicer.

There are some links for you to click if interested. I realy need to get updated in my Etsy shop....Christmas is sooooooo over!
Blessings, Dar