Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm so behind in uploading some of my art work. What a huge chunk of time to format and get these uploaded. Sorry about not keeping up better...but...places to go...people to see....and things to do seem to get first priority...oh, and I have to have art play time too.

AND lastly....FLOWERS!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Halloween is Coming eeeeEEEEeeee

First is a decorated ol' box that I put my lil' Skellie Witchy in....I think there's room for more! The tag goes to a DGF Laurel as a trade. I made this lil' skellie Witchy with my last pair of clay boots with toothpick legs. I had fun and was in the "mood" to make more Halloween themed tags.

Now I'm very busy getting ready for my next art fest with the gang from Ustream and YouTube. We are gonna have a blast and shop 'till we drop and squeeze in some art play time with work shopes as well. I'm getting my class stuff together ....not telling what it is though....I like the suspense.

Well, gotta go...things to do, ya know! Peace and Love

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arms Wide Open

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This is a mixed media Art Doll that I made to accomplish two challenges. For my BGFF Carole Ann and Mitzi. Carole's given Indian name is "Arms Wide Open" and after spending a few glorious days with her bonding a friendship and getting to know her better this is what I made. I cherish the memories and this Art Doll will be a continuous reminder to me sitting in my art studio.

The base is an up-cycled Coffee Mate creamer bottle that I sprayed white paint in the inside and then removed some so the HEART (made from the cap) could be seen inside. Carole loves to wear black and white clothing but has no desire to incorporate prints so I did it for her in a place that she doesn't have to see it (the back bow) but to remind her that she is capable of going into that unknown zone and explore. The flower represents LIFE and who doesn't appreciate a little sweet aroma therapy to sooth the senses? The base is an alter CD painted silver to allow her to stay on a peddle stool not only to be admired, but for who she is, a person that knows we must LOVE our self first so others can LOVE in return. Here is some of the "found poetry" (I went on a search, actually!)that is on the head and hopefully will give you insight at just a few of the adjectives that describe her....but trust me, there's so much more to her. CLASS, RESPECT, JOY, HELPING OTHERS, ON FRIENDSHIP, ENTHUSIASM, SHE LEADS A HAPPIER LIFE, MAKES OTHERS COMFORTABLE, MOTHER, GOD, TUESDAY: from a dictionary page not only because I arrived on a Tue. but to symbolize she is an intelligent and wise woman, Time to go_____ text on sheet music: I chose not give you my personal interpretation and would like YOU (everyone)to see it your way.

I drew the arms on plastic packaging and cut them out. As I went through the journey of creating this piece it changed from Ranger alcohol inks to what it evolved into. I cut lil' slits on the sides to slip them in, but, the ribbon on the back hides the tabs and allows the arms to have movement.

In closing, I want to thank my friends for allowing me to continue my pursuit of happiness through my creativity. This is the path I know I'm meant to be on and am greatful to be able to share it.
Peace and Much LOVE, Darlene Gail