Monday, December 26, 2011

Lindy's Stamp Gang Christmas Contest

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Come enjoy!

Here are my two entries:
Angel Art Doll. An original hand sculpted air dry clay art doll head I made and painted. I deconstructed an old plastic doll and put this together with a hand made gown.
She sat and looked sad without her body and cloths, so I put this together on my live Ustream show (Saturdays at 6 pm est) on Christmas eve.

This is another original I made on a Ustream show of the lil' bottle brush trees altered into Angels.
The stacking wood band boxes are decorated and sprayed with LINDY'S Starburst sprays.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you the very best Happy New Year for 2012 with much Peace and Love.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All the Tags for Tim Holtz 12 Days, and a few more I made along the way

I so enjoyed this year of Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas. I made a few like his the first few days and then realized I need to stretch my wings and do my own thing and enjoy being inspired. Some days I made more then one and had a blast. Hope you all get inspired to make some in your own style as well.
Peace and Much Love

here is a direct quote from Tim's blog and I think it's awesome.
so here they are they are, all 12 tags! looking back there sure were lots of techniques packed on these tags, what a fun time. i know many of you have left comments saying you're sad the 12 tags are over - well in the words of dr. seuss: "don't cry because it's over. smile because it happened.". here are his tags...FAN~FREAKIN'~FABULOUS

Here are a few of Mario's Behind The Scenes pix of these Priority boxes is coming to me because I won...I can't believe it and I'm thrilled.

Here are my 12 Days of Christmas Tags....

and more....
and more.....

I'm not done yet...will be making more with all the fab techniques I learn and hope to send some out to family and friends real soon.
Again, Peace and Love and have a wonderful Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2011

"THE GIFT" Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas Day 12

Well, it's true. This is the last tag for the Tim Holtz Blog...but I won't quit making tags anytime too soon. It's truly been an adventure and joy. How awesome that we could share our lil' masterpieces on his blog...and I was able to find new artists that I might not have never found without his wonderful new addition called InLinkz I spent a lot of time browsing other's blogs, websites and Flicker....more eye candy then one gal was so overwhelming in a good way.
My tag is truly inspired by Tim, and this is a "big one" more ways then one. I have an ongoing everlasting relationship with thee Angels...they are one gift to us from God that no one should underestimate. I adore the chance to do a lil' Shabby~Chic...and I took it as far as I much going on and I LOVE IT!
Also, the many new techniques I learned and applied making these tags has been invaluable and I will try and pass them on to other willing friends and acquaintances along my artful journey. Oh, and one other thing I should mention. I was fortunate to have a lot of Tim's products and at last stopped "treasuring" them and actually used them....that was so kewl. You know what else? I have seen so many more great products during this past 12 days and I know I'll be seeking them out to include in my array of goodies to play with.

TIM and Mario, a huge thank you FOR YOUR GIFT TO US...mere words can not express the pleasure and gratitude I feel....I hope you have a magical and wonderful Christmas and Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year
Peace and Love

Tim Holtz inspired tags Day 11

I went beyond beyond with this die cutting and shrink plastic....I think, or maybe not...I know a lot of peeps to pass 'em on too. This was FAN~FREAKIN''s been too long since I played this hard.

this is just 2 of the many lil' tags I made. size 2 3/4 X 1 1/4

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 10 of 12 Days Of Christmas Tags with Tim Holtz

I did it!...Tim's technique with the foil and clear tape transfer, but instead of lil' ornaments I made a stack of gift boxes with lil' ribbon bows. Then later, for my live UStream I made a simple and eloquent tag using the glass chandelier pieces I've been "treasuring". I felt the need to make one without the grunge even though it's my all time favorite aesthetic for many years.

Tim Holtz 12 Days of Christmas Tags Day 9

(click the link above and visit Tim Holtz's blog) I'm having trouble getting his "blinkie" to work for me.

I had a late start tonight after having a long day out and about, but I had the need to get this made...after all I was a fan appreciation winner on Tim Holtz' blog yesterday....and to meet my personal challenge of a tag a day it got finished.
I made an Angel because they are near and dear to my heart and a big Christmas symbol as well. Tim's new technique is amazing and I can use this one again and it!

TY gang for all the congrats and for following me here on my art journey. I have met some wonderful bloggers through Tim's blog and I think that's icing on the cake to be able to "follow" them now too.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8 Tim Holtz inspired Christmas tags

Again, I have enjoyed making Christmas tags today....I seem to be a bit obsessed. I really dig the Steampunk tag and the picture reminds me of Mario in some way, "Always Ready For Use", Tim's right hand man (I used Tim's paper line, note the words just under the train). The tag with the lil' girl looking at Tim's fracture doll is my fav and the one. I actually remember the 8 MM movies dad took of us and on Christmas morning we were just about blinded by the added lights to make a good home movie!! The last one had been started and waited for the finishing touches...not a Christmas tag, but fun just the same with the play on clock faces and bead faces mixed in...also one of my fav color combos, red, white and black.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7 Tim Holtz Inspired Tag

I had the best time with this tag today! This is what I posted to Tim's blog....

My name is Dar...I'm an Alcohol Ink addict...I'm on the 12 Day Tag program and it's helped me tremendously because I can use all the AI I want all day long everyday!!! Thank you Tim, but I wonder what will become of me when my program is over? Is there anyway you can provide a 364 day program? Myself and other addicts would be forever indebted to you :)
I had the best time with today's techniques...I adore what you made and I'm thrilled with mine and will post (as always). TY again and again...YOU ROCK!

Well, on to the pix.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6 of Tim Holtz inspired Christmas Tags

Today's tag was fun and challenging. I used my foil sticky back tape and embossed it with T.H. brick, first coat was Adirondack Snow cap ink then a blend of two acrylic red paints. The white was too bright so I toned it down with Caramel A.I.. Other Tim products used are, adage tickets, idea-ology paper of Santa and reindeer and the rosette die. I added other trims and am happy with my results.
Wow~we!!! I am building a wonderful collection of Tim H. inspired tags and it ain't any better then that in my book.

12 days of Christmas Tim Holtz inspired

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tags Tim Holtz inspired

Day 4. I made 2 and had a hard time deciding which one to post to Tim's blog....sooo I enlisted hubs to pick for me....good choice honey! I'll be posting the painted one. I did not have his Die for the snowman so I held a piece of paper up to the screen and traced around it. Perfect size too, I might add.