Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tue. Feb 26

I finally got the quilt tops going and have two finished for a swap with artist friend Dana. Her theme is Tress with swirls in the colors blue, purple and green. I hope she likes what I made. I may add some seed beads to it if she would like.

Weather is still freezing cold.....I hate it! Keeps me indoors....which is ok with me because I get more art created. I do so love the spring and summer best of all the seasons. Gardening is a fav as well as going to the beaches for long walks.

I must comment on how proud I am of myself. I'm trying to loose some added weight and what ever it is I'm doing is working. I make lots of fruit smoothies, my girlfriend DeeDee got me started on and I feel much better. My jeans are all baggy and I can slip 'em off without unzipping....KEWL!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Feb 24, 2008 ATC's

Tonight is the Academy Awards…..I so love to see a really GOOD movie…..I have a few that I would like to see now. The women all dressed up…..SHeeSH….one of my fav things to do myself! Putting on a gown and make up just seems to make me feel like a queen and so feminine. What gal can ever forget her first prom and the gown she wore and how it made her feel?

Last night I drew a few ATC’s for a swap. I had made the art dolls out of clay, wire and beads and they were there right in front of me. I thought they made a good subject and was happy the way they turned out. I do believe I used every different kind of pencil, pen and chalks on them too.

I have a big phat list of to do’s….better go and get something made.


Awwwww....how I truely love making and receiving art. Lucky for me I can play all day and night because I'm retired.

Just recently my second home....a web site....had to close. I was so sad....thought I'd loose my friends and the opportunity to swap art with them again. Fortunately for most of us there were a few women that held us all together at a temp. site until they had a new site up and running. OH MY GAWD!!! The place is awesome and they all did a stupendous job.....I'm in awe of those that are computer savvy. I've come a long way but still consider myself just a lil' baby at it.

Well, now that there's a new home I was able to make art once again. My passion is dolls and most recently it's making Art Dolls. The pics are some that I just made....most of them will have new homes soon since I'm in a swap.

How kewl to have this space to post pics and blog to share with family and friends.
I opened an account with Yahoo for small business....sorry I wasted my money on it.....this is so much nicer.

There are some links for you to click if interested. I realy need to get updated in my Etsy shop....Christmas is sooooooo over!
Blessings, Dar