Thursday, August 27, 2009

more art

Some more of my heart and soul.

Summer Time Is A Busy Time...

Yes, I do love the summer months. It brings many of my family members to come and spend their vacations with us. We are only 10 minutes from a few popular beaches and the board walks. There are many novelty shops and lots of dinning choices. When brother James comes I like to cook some of our mom's receipts. His son now drives and brings his GF too....I just love to hear the giggles and see that young love in full bloom.

I've had some time to draw and make art projects for one of my most favorite Artist Trading Card sites (ATC'sFORALL.COM)

I've made some matchbox art dolls and 4x4 chunkies and much more. What in the world would I ever do during my retirement years if I did have art. I can watch a good movie at the theater....Juli and Julia was superb....but waiting for my fav TV show is taking too long. Come on Survivor!!!!

Grandson Gage is getting so big and beautiful, naturally. I need to see him more often for sure 'cause they grow up way too fast.

Well, here's a few pic of what I've been making.