Monday, October 27, 2008

Grammy and Gage

This is my son Cary at age 35 and his first child Gage Elliot born May 2nd 2008. I was honored to be at their side and watch this child come into the world....what a miracle to witness. Three months later hubby and I were present and sponsors as Gage Elliot was Baptized. I have an hour and thirty minutes to travel to visit my children so I always pack a bag and stay the weekend and they have come home here to stay with us a few times too. I just had a visit and can't get over how fast the baby is growing.....he's actually crawling across the room....just so adorable and a pleasant happy baby. I took pictures with the diggy and he would laugh after the light flash....we had so much fun and I just kept clicking away just to hear him laugh and laugh. It worked again later after he finished eating that same evening but not the next day. Guess it just wasn't as funny....we will have to find something else that tickles his fancy. I can't explain just how fulfilling it is to see my son with his son......I feel as though my life has come full circle and couldn't ask for anything more other then to watch Gage grow up into a handsome happy young man with children of his own.....which would then make me a GREAT Grandmother.