Sunday, February 24, 2008

ART I truely love making and receiving art. Lucky for me I can play all day and night because I'm retired.

Just recently my second home....a web site....had to close. I was so sad....thought I'd loose my friends and the opportunity to swap art with them again. Fortunately for most of us there were a few women that held us all together at a temp. site until they had a new site up and running. OH MY GAWD!!! The place is awesome and they all did a stupendous job.....I'm in awe of those that are computer savvy. I've come a long way but still consider myself just a lil' baby at it.

Well, now that there's a new home I was able to make art once again. My passion is dolls and most recently it's making Art Dolls. The pics are some that I just made....most of them will have new homes soon since I'm in a swap.

How kewl to have this space to post pics and blog to share with family and friends.
I opened an account with Yahoo for small business....sorry I wasted my money on it.....this is so much nicer.

There are some links for you to click if interested. I realy need to get updated in my Etsy shop....Christmas is sooooooo over!
Blessings, Dar

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Katie said...

Enjoyed reading your posts, Dar!