Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Card Challenge

My friends at MailArtWorld.com and I are taking the challenge thanks to Cathy Parmelee. Every Sunday for eight weeks we will receive an email with her selected random clip art images for us to play with. We have to use at least half of the images on our 4x6 inch post card. Then we can post 'em and see if there are any "bids/takers" to swap with. No shyness allowed!
Thank goodness we are allowed to alter the images and use some of our own stuff. I had a great time putting this PC together and even used this theme and made more.
This one is called Spelling Bee. One of the others I made is a spelling bee girl in a rose garden with some of the lyrics of the song...pardon me, I never promised you a rose garden....I used my own photo of our roses here in Cape May.
This is gonna be a fun eight weeks without a doubt!

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