Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm just as slow as Maple syrup in Feburary....these pictures are from Valentines Day. We had the best time and romantic evening together. Heart shape pizza and a lil'vido to keep the energy going. We went to KMart and played with the automated sing and dancing stuffed toys and of course like usual we make a true fool of ourselfs and dance right along with the cutie toys and people just smile and walk by fast.....HEY! Why don't they ever wanna stop and dance with us. Oh well, who least we are smiling and having a good time with out forcing it. I always said the best things in life are free. Enjoy that sunset if you should get kicked out of the store for being silly and having some ol' folk fun. Man....I just reailized that it use to be a lil' bit more word, eh?!

Also....all pics are chitty because I don't have photoshopprogram...

OHHhhhhh....NOT the one I of took of the MAGNIFICENT swap art piece I received from TOPAZ!!!....I love love love.....LOVE this piece....the whole thing is stunning and Patti deserves ALL the Light and Love and Peace in her life for this treaure I received. She said she hope I like it because she made it for me...and I told her I was thinking of her when I made hers. Mine is a gem called treasure..really....I MEAN REALLY....I'm thrilled and it goes from here to there and room to room and I'll put her in a wonderful resting place for a bit...sooner or latter!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one was a pleasure and then some (surprise ATC!!!YEHEA):):):) to have had an arty swap with you. Thank you again and agian. Can I pour any more sugar and honey on ya?!! I hope to....just know I'm sure willing to go a second round any time you are. Truely....OXOX
Peace and Love, Dar


Kelley said...

awww ArteDar what a nice valentine's day you had..loved the heart shaped pizza!!you look so happy in your photo..I love seeing happy couples it just warms my heart!! Thanks for sharing!Can't wait to see what ya post next..hugs...Kelley

kateri said...

why don't you have a photoshop prograqm????LOL!!