Saturday, November 6, 2010

ArteDar's STEAMPUNK art

This is me in the STEAMPUNK outfit I made from thrift store finds carring the Time Travel Log Book and Petey my pet bird. I gave a workshop class for this altered book at the Art For All 2nd ANN. ATC gathering and swapping event in Rochester, New York June 2010. We had a blast....I'll find some pix of the class with the project.

Steampunk art doll I made. Wire armature body, air dry clay head, and hands, green velvet skirt and lace.

My hand drawn sketch cut out and added to a mixed media background of different papers, metal bits, stamping and foil wings with bottle caps at the bottom and word 'FLY'. size 8 X 10, given to a GF as a gift.

This is my Altered Book......I call it my Steampunk Time Travel Machine and Log Book with pet bird Petey. 

here we are outside with our top hat and googles
a hand drawn Steampunk woman I drew, cut out and added to an old dictionary text sheet of paper.

an altered sardine can  with Steampunk flare.

a tiny altered tin with Steampunk flavor.

an Artist Trading Card
Hand drawn and Prisma color pencils
used as my personal trading card at AFA2010
I still have a few available for trade make a coment
and I'll see what we can do.


Dale Anne Potter said...

CONGRATULATIONS ArteDar on winning the Ella Publishing "Journaling That Matters" :

inki said...

Artedar, I added you to our ustream ATC swap!

nanner said...

That outfit gets me HOT!

You are so flippin' fabulous, I can barely stand it.

Still kicking myself (with an altered steampunk boot) that I didn't take your workshop.

Award winner?! Congrats, hunbun!