Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thee Talented Huba~Huba~Hubs and I love him!

I went out to see the solar eclipse tonight as I waited out the "OH CHIT" of sissy Jo. OH MY GAWD, the work and suffering one must go through to cleanse one's self for the G.I. doctor. It took a looooong time for the event to start, but it's almost over now. Well, getting back to the other 'big event of the evening and wee hours of the new day....BTW, I haven't had any sleep yet. ...There I went, outside all bundled up in my coat and camera in hand to see the red moon and the solar eclipse (mother earth as we know it was shadowing the moon)....it was almost worth the wait staying up to see it. Besides smelly funky around here and having gone through half a roll of paper towels....hummmm....wonder if I'll use it all?
AND, how 'bout those EAGLE'S? MY, MY....my Huba~Huba~Hubs was blown away....guess pretty much like what we get like when we get a new art tool to play with (it is justified to have a box or two full of 'em!) ;)
okay....so now we are just 4 days away from the big day....the eve before Christmas is a big deal around here to us too....hope I get some sleep soon....starting to fade fast here, much like our moon.
OH YEAH, one more thing....I so can't wait for January 1, 2011.....so much still going on and another holiday to look forward to with all the traditions and trims.

PS: Where's Dar's art you ask....it's in the thought process....making sketches and notes....trying hard NOT to get disappointed that I'm not making anything now and have some things started and need to wait....but hopefully it will find me (the muse/fates/time) and I can play 'till my heart is content once again....BTW....I LIKE FREE THINGS TOO! but only if it's something that's not necessarily material...hugs and kisses are nice....

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TopazPearleGirl said...

So did the hubster get a new video camera? We had alot of cloudcover but I still stayed up to see the eclispe...