Thursday, July 28, 2011

All About Me inspiration from InkWell DeDe

(click on the Title All About Me to visit DeDe's UStream)
Today I watched "InkWell" DeDe Willingham's UStream recording "All About You Thursday" She is a fan~fabulous artists and always inspires me. I occasionally wake up in time for her morning shows but fear that I'll never get the opportunity to get randomly picked....I'm a late night kinda gal and sleep in. You have to be there so you can be asked and answer her questions in the chat so that she can create a personalized collage for you. I think it's a stellar concept because it allows us to get to know our art pals better and I take notes from the recordings. Well, anyway, like I said she gets me motivated and since I enjoy artful play I decided to gather and create my own page about me while I watched and listened to her.
Here are a few of the questions she asks and is always so gracious to allow the gals to also post their blogs, Etsy store, Flicker and what ever else you care to share in the art community.
NOTE: Her collage base is painted first and then her magic unfolds as layer by layer she makes a lil' masterpiece that she sends out to that person.
What is your favorite:
3 colors, white, red and black
Motif, ART,especially mail art and ATC's
flower, Rose and Gardenia (I couldn't find an image of the later)
collection, Black vintage ladies hats
animal/insect, gentle creatures of all kinds. I do have a cocker Spaniel and tuxedo cat
art supply, pencil and paper
about yourself, see below
one thing you HATE, this goes on the back and has the red circle with a line through it,
I'm sure you will be able to see in my collage something about me.
Here is something you won't see but how I imagine myself to be.
I'm a silly smiling optimist who loves to dance, has good manners and is a bleeding heart, among other things.

If you make an "About Me" (yourself of course) please give me a link and share, I'd love to see.
Size: 8.5 X 11 mixed media collage All About ArteDar


inki said...

Wonderfully done, Dar!

Carole said...

That is a very stunning collage about you. I love red black and white it seems very sophisticated,love the envelope with the tuxedo cat the whole thing is you:) Did you have fun making it? Did you learn anything about yourself? I never heard of InkWellDeDe.

Linda said...

Hi Dar this is fantastic!
My blog address is
Thank for asking

TopazPearleGirl said...

I love this Dar! you did a stellar job!!

Anonymous said...

You did good, Dar! So cool to see how everyone interprets Dede's challenge!