Saturday, August 13, 2011

Art Doll Swap

                                                         HALLOWEEN Art Doll Swap
This is my fabric skellie that was painted with acrylics and has a metal zipper for the mouth.

Three categories, Pick one or all three.
ONLY ONE doll for each category, OR just one of any category.
Theme: Halloween
1) Paper Art Doll:  must have embellishments: example: brads, beads, ribbon, etc.
2) Mixed Media Art Doll:  found treasures, fabric, tins, clay, game pieces, use your imagination.
3) Altered Doll: any doll that is already made and can be altered.

DATE DUE: October 14th, 2011 in time for Halloween!!
Must be in my hands by this date or it will be returned to you at your expense.
Please allow enough time if sending from over seas.                                                                                                                                                          
I will have them swapped back to you for Halloween.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Size: Max 6 inches/ 15 cm (metric) long
        Minimum 3 inches/8 cm (metric) long
Sign up here. Drop out no worries.

I do my very best to swap quality for quality, so please send in your very best work and what you would want back in return.
I will swap paper doll for paper doll, mixed media for mixed media and altered doll for altered doll.

Shipping and Handling:  Mail your art in a bubble envelope or small box and I will recycle it back to you with your returns.
 U.S. send the same amount in cash (well concealed)  that it cost you to mail your pkg. to me.
 Internationals can PayPal to my account the equivalent of $4.00 USA if in a box, $2.00 if in a bubble envelope. I will cover the cost if more to return to you. OR if you want free shipping you need to make an Art Doll for me....thank you very much, I need more ART DOLLS!!!

My UStream show about this topic will be added after the recording.

Come on and PLAY! You know you want to!!!  Art Dolls are FUN and because you want to add to your collection or start one!!!

Message here for my email addy and I will email you my snail mail addy when ready to send your artydoll.
All my message posts here must be approved before seen here, so please put in your email addy. I will not post or give your info to the public or anyone.


Jenny Potter said...

OK Dar, count me in - swap No.2 for me I guess. My email address should be attached to my name here but will email you just in case.
Thanks so much for hosting this swap. I LOVE your work!!

James said...

Dar I hope to live up to the challenge. It sounds like great fun and out of the box for me.

Julia Smith said...

What a fabulous arty swap Dar, I would love to take part. Thanks Julia (StrayDreams)

LISA B said...

Oh DarHoney, I miss you so much! My gawd your art is just oozing out all of your pores and all your creations are awesome! I love your site but I especially love you!
Hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dar, I've been following your streams for awhile. I'm a bit shy about jumping into the chat. Hopefully soon I'll introduce myself there. I would love to do the Art Doll Swap. My email is This will be my first swap so I am excited! Thanks for all the encouragement you give every week to create. It makes a difference! Thanks, Annie