Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm so behind in uploading some of my art work. What a huge chunk of time to format and get these uploaded. Sorry about not keeping up better...but...places to go...people to see....and things to do seem to get first priority...oh, and I have to have art play time too.

AND lastly....FLOWERS!


Carole said...

Wow...that's a whole load of art work. So much to take in I love seeing all you do, I wonder... how you did it. It's all so amazing I don't know where to start.The girl with the pink hair reminds me of you. Love the steam punk, tell me about how you did the goddess. I have to go back and look again. Love ya Carole

Katie aka scrappykat13 said...

Dar you are one talented artist. made me think of applying my creativity around the house. what's the worst that could happen it my home turns into my gallery! what do you do with all your creations. love them all especially the girly with the purple hair guess cause its purple just love how the colors flow. thanks Dar you are awesome and inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Dar: when do you have time to think up all of this wonderful stuff??? Your brain must be in hyper-drive as my mouth is wide open taking it all in! Amazing stuff, that is for sure and I love, love LOVE Odessa!