Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memoral Day 2008

I stayed very busy this holiday weekend. We had outings to the grave, went to a craft fair, did some cooking (of course) and spent time with my hubby. He is a retired vet now (20 yrs. Coast Guard) and was just 8 yrs. old during WWII when the Japanese bombed Manila in the Phil opines and killed his parents and left him homeless for quit some time. He ended up at the convent with the sisters and working in the kitchens for the Japanese....he took leftovers to the nuns and they always had him taste it first to make sure it wasn't poison. When the dust settled and the USA came in things changed for the better and an old friend of his father (prison captain) adopted Dickie. He had food, shelter and many chores but did not have affection given to him....anyway, you wouldn't know it because he is the kindest and most giving person I know.

I was inspired by an artist, Suzi Blu and began cutting wood into 5x5 (app) pieces to draw and wood burn on. I painted 'em with acrylics, spray varnish and antiquing gel (and sprayed again).
So far this is what I have done....and they are gifts for our MODS at ATC'SForAll.com

Have a safe and blessed Holiday.

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Janny said...

I love your Angels, but dont know where to write it;o)