Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ArteDar's Birthday June 23rd

Aww....another year older! The time goes by much too fast. I had a wonderful day. Phone calls from family and friends wishing me a happy day.....a beautiful card from my adorable husband...a nice marble cake with whipped cream frosting...dinner at a seafood restaurant...a lil' shopping spree for arty stuff.......who could ask for more! I saw some really nice postings at my fav website ATC's ForAll.com....I especially liked the diddy Jean wrote for me and how my buddy SusieT slipped and gave up the fact that I'm not really 39 years old.....well, always 39 summers old and now 56 winters old.....winters are always harder ya know.

My son and his family will be coming to stay this coming weekend.....I'm so excited! My tiny grandbaby....here.....with me!!! Oooooooh, what fun we all will have.

4th of July family party is coming up soon and I can be with ALL the sisters, brother, nephew, nieces and the great nieces and nephews and also a few close friends thrown in there to round it out. Lots of good homemade food and a pool party....I'm looking forward to that day too.

Here's a picture of me at the Uries Resturant eating Dungonus crabs (all you can eat).....I thought I would be able to put away a ton of 'em....but I got full fast. There is a lot more meat in them then the Maryland Blue crab that I'm used to eating. It was yummy!


Cindy said...

Dar I love your angels! WOW! This gives me such a good feeling, it is almost like old times! Then it kind of makes me sad in a way, thinking back, I guess we move on and things are different, and we still have our memories of those times, don't we? So now we just have to make new ones!! Love you Dar,

purplecat said...

Hi Dar! I found your blog, I can add you to my blog list.
Love all your Angels especially mine!! lol

Lisa B's Art said...

I missed your birthday??? Crapola in a can. I had no idea you were blogging so I just now added you to my blog so others will find it, too. I hope you had a wonderful birthday MONTH, babe! I will get to working on yours.
hugs and sloppy kisses!