Monday, December 12, 2011

"THE GIFT" Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas Day 12

Well, it's true. This is the last tag for the Tim Holtz Blog...but I won't quit making tags anytime too soon. It's truly been an adventure and joy. How awesome that we could share our lil' masterpieces on his blog...and I was able to find new artists that I might not have never found without his wonderful new addition called InLinkz I spent a lot of time browsing other's blogs, websites and Flicker....more eye candy then one gal was so overwhelming in a good way.
My tag is truly inspired by Tim, and this is a "big one" more ways then one. I have an ongoing everlasting relationship with thee Angels...they are one gift to us from God that no one should underestimate. I adore the chance to do a lil' Shabby~Chic...and I took it as far as I much going on and I LOVE IT!
Also, the many new techniques I learned and applied making these tags has been invaluable and I will try and pass them on to other willing friends and acquaintances along my artful journey. Oh, and one other thing I should mention. I was fortunate to have a lot of Tim's products and at last stopped "treasuring" them and actually used them....that was so kewl. You know what else? I have seen so many more great products during this past 12 days and I know I'll be seeking them out to include in my array of goodies to play with.

TIM and Mario, a huge thank you FOR YOUR GIFT TO US...mere words can not express the pleasure and gratitude I feel....I hope you have a magical and wonderful Christmas and Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year
Peace and Love

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Crafty Kate said...

What a beauty locked up in one tag!! Love this lace and this tiny figuring - colours and jewels make it look just fantastic! Very girly version and I love it!