Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All the Tags for Tim Holtz 12 Days, and a few more I made along the way

I so enjoyed this year of Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas. I made a few like his the first few days and then realized I need to stretch my wings and do my own thing and enjoy being inspired. Some days I made more then one and had a blast. Hope you all get inspired to make some in your own style as well.
Peace and Much Love

here is a direct quote from Tim's blog and I think it's awesome.
so here they are bloggers...here they are, all 12 tags! looking back there sure were lots of techniques packed on these tags, what a fun time. i know many of you have left comments saying you're sad the 12 tags are over - well in the words of dr. seuss: "don't cry because it's over. smile because it happened.". here are his tags...FAN~FREAKIN'~FABULOUS

Here are a few of Mario's Behind The Scenes pix

AND...one of these Priority boxes is coming to me because I won...I can't believe it and I'm thrilled.

Here are my 12 Days of Christmas Tags....

and more....
and more.....

I'm not done yet...will be making more with all the fab techniques I learn and hope to send some out to family and friends real soon.
Again, Peace and Love and have a wonderful Christmas


HappyDiane said...

Dar, this is a wonderful post! thanks for taking the time to do it.

AnnaB30 said...

OMGosh! I love your tags!!! Oh, to have that much time!

Anita Houston said...

WOW...I didn't see all your extras yet. I am so loving that black and white time tag with the red heart!These are all wonderful and kudos to you for going the extra mile.

sandeep sharma said...

Nice post! Beautiful nailpolishes!!!
Regards:- Sandeep Sharma
Tim Holtz